Mild Season brooch


Do you like flowers, spring temperatures and butterflies?

Or do you love maples, autumn temperatures and fall landscapes?
Choose the design you like the most.


I’ve always liked to see butterflies flaing, I like these insects who live just a couple of days. Surely there are more butterfly lovers… aren’t they the most cutest insects? Well, here you have 2 different brooch types inspired by the mild season!

This Mild Season brooch is inspired by my love for this beautiful insects. Also because I’m in love with spring season, nature and autumn season too.

Did you know that Butterflies can’t get sodium from flowers, so this insects have to seek it elsewhere, some butterflies are likely attracted to the reptiles’ tears, such as turtles or crocodiles, because the liquid drops contain salt, specifically sodium, an important mineral that is scant in the western Amazon.

This Mild Season brooch therefore, it’s ideal for any lolita fashion enthusiast because is comfortable and cute, they have a little needle compared with other brooches, so your clothes will take as little damage as possible. Choose the flowering season or when maples are kings.

Metal alloy, methacrylate, resin, paper and fabric.

If you like this kind of jewellery with other insects you should see also this Egypt Beetle Set and this animals should be charm you: Forest Animal Ring.

Additional information

Weight 10 g

Blue, Pink


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