Portrait flowers about me

If you want to know about me, you are in the right place. This is me, the person behind all. My name is Míriam, I’m graduated in Fine Arts and a lover of alternative fashion.

With Promised Land I seek to give vent to the creativity and ideas that occur to me every day.

And what to say about me?

I’m someone who loves History and Art, and wants to dress without criticism. I have always been interested in history, fashion, art and culture and I would like to share these passions with all who wish to have a work of art to use daily.

I design all kinds of accessories, hats, rings, necklaces, … what you need just tell me, I will give everything to create that desired piece. I want to create unique pieces for you, we can search for the color or shapes that you like the most. I like to try new techniques, so if you are thinking about a jewel that you would like to have, we can talk about it and bring it to life so that piece speaks to your personality.

All I can create is thanks to my emotions and my feelings, I design each piece as a work of art, you will not be able to find two of the same.

You can see more about me and my daily live here.