Peacock Comb


Do you like gothic aesthetic, peacock feathers and silver accessories?

Do you love updo hair style, victorian headdress and elegant feathered accessories?
Well, this comb is perfect for you.


You can wear this comb on your hair to draw attention to your hairstyle, decorate an updo or combine the colors with your outfit. In any case, the Peacock comb is a safe choice that will give you an elegant presence while being distinguished, and always with a touch of color.

This Peacock Comb was inspired by those victorian headdress.

The feathers mimic those of the peacock and rooster in turquoise color, two magnificent birds that use their elegant plumage to arouse passions. Peacock feathers are a classic when it comes to headdresses, so you can’t miss the chance to have one in your closet.

In his 1836 book, Reverend Thomas Dick calls the peacock “the most beautiful bird in the world.”  There are few that would dispute this description; however, throughout history, there has always been more to the peacock than its dazzling plumage.  At various times and in various cultures, it has served as a symbol of good and evil, death and resurrection, and of sinful pride and overweening vanity.  And much like its avian brethren, the crow and the raven, the peacock has figured heavily in folktales and fables, as well as in countless superstitions that still exist today.

Metal alloy, resin and fake feathers.

This comb is made with feathers that are not of animal origin, no animal has been harmed to achieve these beautiful colors.
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Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 24 × 4,5 cm

Black, Blue, White


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