Bridgerton bee necklace


Are you a fan of historical based series?

Do you love regency era, vintage aesthetic?
Well, this necklace is perfect for you.


I have always enjoyed watching historical based series, I like their clothes, complements and decoration. Surely there are more lovers of historical series? Here are 2 different types of bee necklace inspired by Bridgerton, the Chris Van Dusen’ series!

This Bridgerton bee necklace was inspired by my love for this beautiful series. Also because I’m in love with vintage fashion accessories.

Bridgerton is an American historical romance television series created by Chris Van Dusen for Netflix. Based on the book series by Julia Quinn. During the early 1800s in an alternate London Regency era, the viewer is taken to observe the highly competitive social season; where young marriageable nobility and gentry are introduced into society.

The design of this necklace is inspired by the tragic story of Viscount Edmund Bridgerton, a beloved father and husband who dies stung by a bee. Also, because this fluffy insect is important in the second season with the love story of Anthony Bridgerton.

You can see as a nice detail, the yellow, golden and sweet honey that has the necklace between the frame and the bee.

Choose the color that matches with you. Bronze or Silver.

Metal alloy, stainless steel chain and resin.

If you like this kind of jewellery with needle, you should see also this Mild Season Brooch.

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 46 × 5 cm

Bronze, Silver


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