Art History Paintings brooch and hairclip


Do you like paintings, art and history?

Or do you love elegant beauty, baroque frames and renaisance aesthetic?
Choose the design you like the most.


I have always liked to see old paintings, I like this kind of canvases that seem to live until our days intact. I’m sure there are more art lovers out there…. Here you will find famous paintings from Art History, transformed into a brooch and a hairclip!

This Art History Paintings brooch and hairclip is inspired by my love for classic paintings that I found studying Art History at univerity.

Feminine beauty is varied and diverse and in these accessories you will find the representation of that femininity in classical baroque and Italian Renaissance paintings. The canvases chosen are:

  • The Graces by Botticelli represent a triad of donation-acceptance-devolution, according to the neoplatonic theory of the energetic cycle that governs the universe.
  • Rubens’ Three Graces represent the two daughters of Zeus, Aglaya and Talia, and the nereid Eurynome, who, as servants of Venus, can be cited as a type of ideal beauty, although they may correspond to the most sensual beauty.
  • Venus canvas by Botticelli recover the female nude as a symbol of immateriality (was considered sinful in medieval Christian art). This Venus doesn’t represent carnal love or sensual pleasure but, with her posture and fine features, is closer to the ideal of pure intelligence or supreme knowledge.

However, in this project of female visibilization, I have chosen canvases from different artists but representing female beauty. From goddesses to court ladies or waitresses. All of them have known faces in the world of Art History, all of them were painted for posterity.

That’s why each one has a small text on the back that tells their story.

Metal alloy, resin, paper and velvet.

5 x 6 cm

If you like this kind of elegant accesories you should check this Great Women of Royal History brooch in medium size.

Additional information

Weight 10 g

Blue, Gold, Grey


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