Sangonomiya Kokomi velvet choker


Perfect for any outfit or casual cosplay aesthetic, anything you want can be possible….


Become Sangonomiya Kokomi by wearing this velvet choker on your outfits.

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This Sangonomiya Kokomi velvet choker is inspired by the video game Genshin Impact.

The young Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island and descendant of the Sangonomiya Clan. Kokomi is in charge of most of Watatsumi’s affairs, shouldering heavy responsibilities alone in  hopes for giving Watatsumi Island’s people the hopes and happiness they desire.

The colour of the mermaid tail matches the pink velvet ribbon and evokes the Hydro element.
You can wear it to enhance the length of your neck and show off a beautiful neckline.


If you like the story, personality and look of the Genshin character named Sangonomiya Kokomi, this velvet choker is perfect for you. Chokers are the favourite short necklaces for long and elegant necks.

I created this piece because I love Kokomi’s mermaid outfit and I am in love with her story. She makes me feel calm and happy when I play with her in Genshin, she helps me and gives me a sense of power when she throws her jellyfish. And I want to give you the chance to feel the same way I do, and what better way than creating a necklace as beautiful as this one.

Metal alloy, resin, enamel and velvet.
Length of the necklace
30 – 37 cm approx

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Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 40 × 7 cm


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