Great Women of Royal History brooch Small


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I have always liked to see old paintings, I like this kind of portraits that seem to live to this day untouched. I’m sure there are more art lovers…. Here you will find Great Women of Royal History transformed inton a brooch, inspired by 17th century art!

This Great Women of Royal History brooch is inspired by my love for portraits that I found in the “gallery of beauties” of Nymphenburg Palace.

In this palace Ludwig I of Bavaria decides to open a room with a ‘Gallery of Beauties’. It is not an original idea, as it has several precedents. He assigned a dining room in the south pavilion, which had previously been part of the queen’s chambers, to this purpose and commissioned Joseph Stieler, portrait painter of the Bavarian court, to paint the portraits. The room is decorated with 36 portraits, most of them by Stieler, in which the beauty of nobles, commoners, adventurers, actresses and dancers, among others, can be admired. They are works from between 1827 and 1850, with two more portraits added in 1861.

However, in this project of female visibilization, I have chosen portraits from different artists but representing women who ruled in different countries. From empresses to duchesses or countesses. All of them made great contributions under their power, but were either invisibilized or branded as madwomen.

That’s why each one has a small text on the back that tells their story.

Metal alloy, methacrylate, resin, paper and velvet.

3,5 x 4,5 cm

If you like this kind of elegant accesories you should check this  Great Women of Royal History brooch in medium size.

Additional information

Weight 10 g

Louise of Argyll, Marie of Romania, Mary Stuart of Scotland, Victoria of Germany


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