Hand Ring Bronze Series


Do you like good stories, romance, love and heartbreak?

Do you love magic jewelry, dark myths, and gothic aesthetic?
Which weapon do you will choose?

A poisoned dagger or tricky rose.


This is the jewel that I am most proud of having created. It has a dark aura and mystery tones. And who better than the adventure, romance and mystery novels to inspire you.
This Hand Ring Bronze Series is inspired by gothic aesthetic.

I created this ring series with a story in mind, an imaginary story that will dazzle everyone who listens to it:
This story begins and there is a romance, a primal love that begins to flap like a butterfly. The hand that holds a rose, a first intention to establish loving ties.
But from love to hate there is only one step, and revenge begins to appear in this story .The revenge that will be carried out with the same hand that grabbed a rose before. The hand that holds a dagger is the hand of wounded honor.

The Hand Ring With Dagger in red colorur was made to match with the Violet Fane Vanpire Hunter Academy dress, this bloody version is unique there is only one unit.

This ring is adjustable, no matter your finger diameter size.

Metal alloy  and resin.

If you like this kind of jewelry you should see this Spider cross necklace or the Gothic choker, they have all the gothic essence.


Additional information

Weight 11 g
Dimensions 8 × 2,5 cm

Black, Iridescent, Red, White


Dagger Hand, Rose Hand


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