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I have always liked to see old paintings, I like this kind of canvases that seem to live until our days intact. I’m sure there are more art lovers out there…. Here you will find famous paintings from Art History, transformed into a brooch and a hairclip!

This Art History Paintings brooch and hairclip is inspired by my love for classic paintings that I found studying Art History at univerity.

Feminine beauty is varied and diverse and in these accessories you will find the representation of that femininity in famous paintings. The canvases chosen are:

  • Caravaggio’s painting of The Head of Medusa depicts a female figure from Greek mythology, Medusa, who was a very beautiful human woman. The goddess Athena cursed her to live as a monster after Poseidon raped her in one of Athena’s temples. Her hair turned into snakes, and anyone who looked at her would turn to stone. In the painting you can see the snakes she had as hair and it is the very moment when Perseus beheads her. Medusa looks angry and surprised.
  • Las Meninas is considered the masterpiece of the Spanish Golden Age. Velázquez finished it in 1656. It is an oil painting on a large canvas, where the figures in the foreground are represented life-size. It is one of the most analyzed and commented pictorial works in the art world. The central character of the painting, Infanta Margaret Theresa of Austria, became the protagonist of the video clip of the trap song: “Velaske, am I beautiful?” A critique of Austrian inbreeding and the use of a girl as a bargaining chip in European politics in marriages.
  • A bar aux Folies Bergère is a picture painted by the impressionist Manet. The protagonist is Suzon, the waitress. By drawing her talking to an ordinary bourgeois, Manet has once again highlighted the double standards of society, a double standard that has endured to the present day. The Folies Bergère, which, it was said, was the only place in Paris that smelled so seductively of the makeup of rented affections. Serving behind a counter was the golden dream of every true Parisian: it was the perfect opportunity to use her talents as a dazzler of men.

However, in this project of female visibilization, I have chosen canvases from different artists but representing female beauty. From goddesses to court ladies or waitresses. All of them have known faces in the world of Art History, all of them were painted for posterity.

That’s why each one has a small text on the back that tells their story.

Metal alloy, resin, paper and velvet.

6 x 7,5 cm

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Additional information

Weight 10 g

Blue, Gold, Grey


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