Lucky Pack jewelry


This Lucky Pack is a bargain and it’s limited!
This is a unique opportunity to get many accessories at a very low price. The content of the envelope is valued at more than 70€.
You can’t select the items that will go on the Lucky Pack.

You can only select the products’s colour.


A Lucky Pack Jewelry is a whole matching set to wear with your desired color fashion style.

Get many accessories at a very low price: necklace, rings, earrings and more.
You will find some extra surprise gifts, it’s a safe bet!

Perfect choice for birthday presents, Secret Pal or Secret Santa time, which color do you’ll choose? Would you have a lucky dip?

This Lucky Pack contains:
– One necklace
– Two pairs of earrings
– Two rings
– One brooch
And finally, a surprise accessory.

Some extra gift will be added as well but I can’t show you them, it’s a secret…

The products that are included will always match the color you choose. But the jewelry can be of three types: silver, gold or bronze. However, it will always be paired so that you can carry more than one matching product with another. They are new products and made with a lot of love to combine with each other and with you, you just have to decide which color combines the most with your wardrobe or your personal tastes.

If you want a jewelry set with less quantity, look at this Autumn Maple Leaves Set or this other Alice in Wonderland Set, you may not want surprises since their content is not a surprise.

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Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 8 × 4,5 cm

Pink, Blue, Brown, Violet, Green, Turquoise, Red


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