Gothic choker


Perfect for Gothic Lolita outfits or Wiccan aesthetic, all you want can be possible…

Become a beautiful Queen of Darkness wearing it in your outfits.

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Be a Dark Queen can be possible with this gothic choker, chokers are the favorite short necklaces of long and elegant necks.
Long time ago they were used by the upper class since they were always a symbol of power and beauty.

I created this piece because i’m more into the gothic aesthetic and I’m in love with chokers. They make me feel comfortable and secure, have me strengt and a power sensation when I’m wearing them. And I want to give you the oportunity to feel the same as I feel, and what better way than creating a necklace as beautiful as this one.


This Dark Queen choker is inspired by the aristocrat gothic aesthetic.
The silver color contrasts with the dark gem stones and evokes the darkness of the night and the high class of Dracula’s court.

You can use it to enhance the length of your neck and show off a neckline worthy of a highborn lady.

Metal alloy, crystal gems.
Choker length
40 cm aprox

You can see another necklace with gothic inspiration like this Spider Cross Necklace.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 40 × 7 cm


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