Divination ball Ring


Do you like mystic vibes and myths?

Do you want to know your future? Or are you a mystic souls?
Well, this jewelry is perfect for you.

Choose the design and make this ring glow in the dark!


I always wanted to create a magical piece like this. It glows in the dark! Surely there are more people that love glow-in-dark jewelry, right? Well, this is for you!
This Divination ball Ring is inspired by my love for mystic vibes and myths. Also because I’m in love with divination aesthetic, glowing jewellery and unique items.

This ring is made with resin to create the illusion of a glass sphere, also it has glowing particles in the ring base that will react with light. Therefore, keep in mind that it is a solid piece and will weigh a little. You can choose between 2 different types. One of them has the base with the pointed part up, and the othe one has the pointed part down, see carefully photos.

If you want it to shine, you just have to leave the ring under a spot of light for almost a minute. Afterwards it will emit a bluish glow.

This Divination ball Ring is ideal for gothic lolita outfits because most of the times the matching colors include silver and blue. The ring is adjustable, no matter your finger diameter size.

Metal alloy and resin.

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Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 8 × 2,5 cm

Down, Up


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