Alice in Wonderland bronze necklace


A unique necklace, of which there is only one unit of each type.

Each piece has been handmade thinking of the characters created by Lewis Carrol for the novel Alice in Wonderland and with the colors that Disney chose for the film of the same name.

Choose your beloved character or your desired colour!
💜😸 vs 💙👱‍♀️


This Alice in Wonderland bronze necklace is based by the pocket watch that was always with the White Rabbit.
🐰⌚ It was his best friend, and now it can be yours too.
With the classic pocket watch silhouette and with The White Rabbit graved in the back side, this necklace is a good choice for any fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The bronze necklace has the classic scene with Alice in Wonderland asking Cheshire cat which way she would choose.
It’s very iconic an have details like a tea pot, flowers even thought some playing cards graphic symbols.

This necklaces were made one by one based in the Lewis Carroll characters, but as in the original animated film by Disney every character has their own color palette, so in this bronce version:
Violet: The Cheshire cat
Blue: Alice

Which one is your favourite character? ?? Which colour do you prefer?

Necklace measurements:
Lenght: 35-40cm
Whide: 5 cm

This necklace is made with resin, colored fake pearls and metal alloy pieces in bronze and copper color.
But if you like more silver tones you shoud see the Alice in Wonderland set in silver color with the same necklace and a matching ring.

Additional information

Weight 51 g
Dimensions 40 × 5 cm

Blue, Violet


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