Chokers are the favorite short necklaces of long and elegant necks. Long time ago they were used by the upper class since they were always a symbol of power and beauty.

The best thing about chokers being a must have in fashion is that they can be worn in any situation. Are you looking for a glamorous effect with a black dress or with comfortable clothes like a thick wool sweater? So chokers are for you. There are those who recommend wearing them with light and flowing fabrics, but that is a matter of taste. No matter the fashion style you wear, they’ll always be a success. Our favorite style is to wear sober and simple clothes and become the center of attention complementing it with a choker that matches your style. After all, accessories are our strong suit and depending on which one you wear, the outfit will turn 180 degrees.

In conclusion, chokers always gives you security, elegance and mysticism, so finding yours is our mission. You’ll find chokers made with crystal gems, velvet or pearls, in golden and sylver colour always with a unique design, made by hand with love, care and passion. Classic or Gothic, minimalist and light or ornate and baroque, always made for you, personalized or on request. Finding the perfect accessory for you is our mission and if you need help you can always contact us so that we can make the choker of your dreams.

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