Here you will find earrings for your ears, and it doesn’t matter if they are pierced or not, you can choose the type of grip you need for your earrings:

They are ideal for pierced ears because they have a small ball or gem at the end of the post that goes into the hole. So they can add a touch of shine to that exact spot.

Comfortable and simple to place on pierced ears, because they do not need a nut. They are often used for earrings that are heavy or have eye-catching decorative elements at the end. They usually fall in a cascade or in the shape of a drop, so the hook-shaped attachment stylizes the silhouette.

By the 1950s, clip-on earrings had become incredibly popular. Pierced ears were virtually unheard of at that point. They’re still popular to this day because they’re simple, easy to use and economic to produce.This earrings type has a wide back with a tension bar running down the middle. To adjust the fit of the earring, simply bend the tension bar inwards or outwards. You can find another version with a screw to better regulate the pressure in the earlobe.

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