Hair clips

Hair clips are infallible when it comes to making an updo or decorating a braid. You can use them with loose hair, with semi-updos or with all the hair up, you choose!

There are tons of different designs and styles from which you can choose your ideal clip. Made only of flowers, with a net or lace cascading down or with bows to intertwine with your hair. Others decorated in a baroque way, or with cakes and donuts, even with smiling animals. The material and color will also be decisive and, as with the rest of the accessories, you can choose between different materials depending on the time of year and the time of day. You will also find clips with feather, lace or inlaid with pearls and rhinestones that will add sophistication. And as for the colors, choose one that matches or contrasts with the rest of the set. And don’t forget to combine the headdress in a balanced way with the perfect jewelry pieces!

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