Teacup Cat Ring


Do you like cats? Or do you like tea time or the coffee time?

Do you love animals, especially cats, and sweetness?
Well, this rings are perfect for you.

Choose your preferred teacup and cat color, any one will be a good choice.


I’ve always liked animal, I especially adore cats (I own 2 of them). Surely there are more cat lovers … aren’t they the most fascinating animals? Well, here you have a ring with tiny cats into 3 different teacups!
This Teacup Cat Ring is inspired by my love for this cute animals and tea time.

I love having tea after lunch to enjoy the afternoon sun, do you too? Maybe you are like my mother who always enjoys a good cup of fresh coffee … That is why I created these rings with small cups of coffee or tea, that depends on your taste 😉 In any case these mini cups are full of my love for cats, I adore them! I thought it was very nice to include rings with cats and this time they fit perfectly in these mini cups ♥

This Teacup Cat Ring therefore, it’s ideal for any lolita fashion enthusiast because is comfortable and cute, they are a little delicated compared with other rings because are made entirely with resin. The ring is adjustable, regardless of the size of the diameter of your finger.

Metal alloy and resin.

If you like this kind of jewellery with animals you should see also this Forest Animal Ring.


Additional information

Weight 0,02 g
Dimensions 8 × 2,5 cm

Green, Pink, White


Left, Middle, Right


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