Straw Lavender Hat


Do you like flowers, spring and cottagecore aesthetic?

Do you love Green Gables, flowers, country side and the fresh country air?
Well, this hat is perfect for you.

Protect yourself from the sun without giving up a beautiful touch.

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I’ve always liked cottagecore aesthetic, I adore Anne of Green Gables and Heidi, so these pieces are like a tribute to my childhood inspiration. When I was little, I always took my straw hat and decorated it with field flowers, especially lavender. Surely there are more cottagecore aesthetic lovers… doesn’t it transmit peace and tranquility? Well, the country side is here!

This Straw Lavender Hat is a unique piece inspired by my love for the country side. Also because I’m in love with spring season, flowers and the smell of lavender.

This hat is made by Galician artisans. In Galicia there is a long tradition in the creation of straw hats, for years basketry and straw braiding have been part of Galician culture and crafts.
Later it has been specially decorated with a cotton lace and artificial lavender, every detail evokes the simple elegance of the Victorian era and Lolita fashion, where all my products are inspired.

Size: 57
Inner diameter: 550mm
Head circumference: 560-585mm
Because it is a unique product, sizes cannot be ordered, the measurement of the hat is the one specified here, make sure it is your size.

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