Snowman Brooch


Do you like snowmen? Are you a fan of Frozen?
Or do you just enjoy Christmas to the fullest?

If you answered yes, this brooch is for you, it has everything to make you love it, right?

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I’ve always liked when snow fall and people do a snowman, so I made this brooch. I adore the films that shows a happy family enjoing the holiday season while it snows. And where I live it’s impossible see snow falling. Surely there are more winter season lovers, right?

This Snowman Brooch is inspired by my love for the winter season. Also because I’m in love with christmas films and Frozen too.

A brooch with a snowman is the best accessory for your son or daughter, as it’s inspired by the Disney movie Frozen. Even if you want your lolita outfit to have a cute and sweet touch when you wear a Christmas print, this is a good option. The snowman is made of wood and painted by hand. It has crystal gems and studs embedded for a Christmas touch. It has a clip and needle, so you can choose the best method to use it on your clothes.

Wood, metal and gouache paint.
10 cm
10 cm

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Dimensions 7 × 11 cm


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