Silver octopus necklace


Are you into the gothic aesthetic?

Do you love octopus, gothic aesthetic and how much did the romantic spirit inspired literature?
Well, this necklace is perfect for you.

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I’ve always liked the gothic aesthetic and symbols, I adore the history abouth that eras, the myths and the storytellings. But also as a child I was amused by the World created by Lovecraft.
Surely there are more Lovecraft fans, right?
This Silver Octopus Necklace is inspired by my love for the Lovecraft literature. Also because I’m in love with gothic aesthetic.

The Silver octopus necklace is the perfect pendant to combine with a gothic outfit or for a lover of the world of Lovecraft. This pendant has a metallic silver octopus with a transparent background that seems a crystal barrier and is ideal to match any style you like.

The necklace is a unique design, a unique-made jewelry, inspired by Cthulhu, a cosmic entity created by the American horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft and represented for the first time in the story The Call of Cthulhu, published in the American magazine Weird Tales in 1928. Considered an Ancient within the cosmic entities, the creature has since appeared in numerous popular culture references. Cthulhu is described as the convergence between an octopus, a dragon, and a creature of humanoid form.

Metal alloy, resin and crystal gems.
Necklace length
38 cm
Pendant length
11 cm
Pendant width
5 cm

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Additional information

Weight 0.05 g
Dimensions 38 cm


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