Crystal gem Crown Earrings


Do you like rococo and royalty aesthetic?

Do you love shiny jewelry, royalty court, and rococo fashion?
Well, this jewellery is perfect for you.


I always wanted to create a rococo piece like this. It has a royal aura and vivid tones. And who better than Mary Antoinette to inspire you. Surely there are more people that love rococo and royal jewelry, right? Well, they are for you!
This Crystal gem Crown Earrings are inspired by rococo aesthetic. Also because I’m in love with this art and fashion style, royalty and baroque aesthetic.

Marie Antoinette of Austria, was an archduchess princess of Austria and queen consort of France and Navarre. She was detested by the French court and also gradually gained the antipathy of the people, who accused her of being wasteful, conceited and of influencing her husband in favor of Austrian interests.

After her death, Marie Antoinette became part of popular culture and an important historical figure. Some academics and scholars think that her behavior, seen as frivolous and superficial, helped to increase the agitation during the beginning of the French Revolution; However, other historians claim that she has been unfairly portrayed and that her views towards her should be more benevolent

I created these jewels inspired by her history and what her figure represents today: ostentation, power and frivolity. This Crystal gem Crown Earrings are ideal for classic lolita outfits because most of the times the matching colors includes crowns and vivid colors. The earring are made with crystal resin, they are a little heavy.

Metal alloy  and resin.
10,5 cm
10 gr every crystal earring

If you like this jewelry matching outfit as shown in the last picture you should see this Pink rabbit Set and the Alice in Wonderland Necklace, they have all the royal court essence.


Additional information

Weight 0,03 g
Dimensions 7 × 1,5 cm

Gold, Silver, Violet


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