Christmas Penguin Brooch


Do you like snow, holiday season and penguins?

Do you love the Wizarding World and belongs to Gryffindor house?
Well, this brooch is perfect for you.

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I’ve always liked snow, christmas spirit and the penguin, so this brooch was made. I adore the films that shows a happy family enjoing the holiday season while it snows. And where I live it’s impossible see snow falling.
Surely there are more winter season lovers, right?

This Christmas Penguin Brooch is inspired by my love for the winter season. Also because I’m in love with penguins, animal and the south pole.

I created this penguin by thinking of a Gryffindor house pet, its made in wood and hand painted by me with the Gryffindor colour palet. The golden ink shines a lo, did you see it in his little scarf? It also has artificial winter flowers and plastic pearls to give it that special shine that characterizes the Christmas season. My inspiration appeared when I was remembering Harry Potter first Christmas at Hogwarts, and I thought: Why not create the perfect accessory for a fan of Harry Potter and the holiday season? Penguins seems adorable, don’t you? And always remember me winter and holiday season.

Wood, artificial flowers and gouache paint.
10 cm
10 cm

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Dimensions 10 × 10 cm


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