Black Sakura Cat earrings


Do you like cats? Or maybe sakuras?

Do you enjoy to see cherry blooming or playing with cats?
Well, this earrings are inspired by them.


As a black cat owner and a Japan enthusiast, I couldn’t be left without offering earrings to match these two passions. And this is the perfect combination, the black color contrasts with the delicacy of the pink cherry blossom petals.
This Black Sakura Cat earrings are inspired by my love for Japan and cats.

Some interesting information about black cats:
In Britain and Japan, many people having a ‘lucky black cat’ in the form of a keyring or other trinket, while in Scotland, a strange black cat visiting the home signifies prosperity.
Also in Japan, if you’re a single woman, owning a black cat is said to increase your number of suitors. Whereas if you’re in Germany and one crosses your path from right to left, good things are on the horizon and also in Russia, all cats are viewed as lucky. If you want to know more curious facts you can read them here.

This Black Sakura Cat earrings are very light, the enamel is thin and transparent, and have a crystal gems to make you shine.

Metal alloy, crystal gems and enamel.
Earrings lenght
5 cm

If you like this kind of jewellel, you will probably like a full set. You shoul see this jewelery set with Black and White Cats.


Additional information

Weight 0,03 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

Black, Pink


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