Pins and brooches

Here you will find handmade pins and brooches with an artistic touch and for all style, with flowers, crystal gems, metal animals, watercolors, illustrations, etc.

If you want to complement your wardrobe in a discreet way, you can do it with these handmade pins and brooches. Give a different touch to your look with a simple themed and original pin or brooch!

The needles of the brooches are fine so that they don’t damage your cloths as much as possible. In some cases you can find brooches that also have a small clip. Because in some cloths it’s the best way to hold it, but they also work for hair. So why not try using them as a headdress? Creativity has no limits!

As for the pins, they are my own design, I design them myself in Illustrator and send them to the factory. They are hard enamel pins, this means that the color is at the same height as the metal of the edge, they are also more durable and have a better finish.

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